Rawr! Tis' I, Dehlak...

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Rawr! Tis' I, Dehlak...

Post by Dehlak on Thu May 06, 2010 1:04 pm

'Rawr! Tis' I, Dehlak!' How are you? *swishes tail slowly to and fro...* I'm guessing you're here to know me, hm? Well.. *sits down* Here are some details you'd like (and you've asked) to know about me..

-Gaming Name:
"Usually Dehlak... Before I joined. Now it's probably going to be Dehlak [TP]." x3

"14 human years... But tbh, I can have the personality of an older (but not too old) age... The real question is: What age are you like?... Which leads to another important and confusing question..."


-Current SteamFriends Name:
"Dehlak [TP]"



"Yes, I own and use one right now. Hur hur."

-How often I come online per week..:
"TBH.. Everyday... Either chatting, playing, creating, or just surfing the net..."

-Reason for joining..:
"TBH, I was invited. But it wouldn't hurt to know you and others more. Hm?" :3

-'Have you played with any Member/Admin in our servers before?':
"I haven't played the GG CSS server yet, but I did play ZM: [1337Peen] Casual/Fun - Redqueen/Redqueen Bench with admins/members on. Does that count? Hehe."

1-DRAGONS ARE...! *speechless from the amazement of their EPICness*
2-Choc chip cookies. :9 ^.=.^ x3
3-Nice to meet you! ^.=.^
4-study Interesting read, eh? study x3

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Re: Rawr! Tis' I, Dehlak...

Post by Ratpick(NOR) on Fri May 07, 2010 4:29 am

Accepted. Smile

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