Hai, Koyemshi Here =]

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Hai, Koyemshi Here =]

Post by Koyemshi on Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:19 am

Gaming Name: Koyemshi, usually, also moon_cheese2 or mooncheese2.. or mooncheese1 O.o
Similar application to Dehlak :]

Age: Uhh 13 atm (20/11/96).. (But i'm not that annoying little kid that says... "what does w*** mean??")

Nationality: UK

Steamfriends Username: Koyemshi currently, will be adding the [TP] if i'm accepted Very Happy

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:27530735

Do you own a microphone? Yes, but I don't reeeeally like using it :/

How often are you online each week? Pretty much everyday, as much as I can xD

What is your reason for joining us?
1. I like your community very much Very Happy
2. I am friends with MightyCydoniac
3. i'm good at zm I enjoy zm and your server
4. I am on a lot so it'd be good to be a member

Have you played with any Member/Admin in our servers before? Yes, I have played with MightyCydoniac a fair amount, maybe others, not sure.

Thanks for reading my application Smile Please accept - i really want to be a member =]
Oh yeah and don't decline cause I'm young and annoying.. refer to "Age:", not that you are the kind of people who would judge because of age alien

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Re: Hai, Koyemshi Here =]

Post by MightyCydoniac on Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:23 am

You posted in the wrong section but its fine, you are accepted all looks well^

Please add the folowing admins.

Mad Hatter

You are now welcome to wear our cool tag [TP].

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