Joining the The Protectors - Read before posting.

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Joining the The Protectors - Read before posting.

Post by Ratpick(NOR) on Sat May 29, 2010 7:39 pm

If you wish to join The Protectors, this is the template you should use to apply to join us.

Gaming Name:



Steamfriends Username:

SteamID: eg. STEAM_0:0:16609246

Do you own a microphone?

How often are you online each week?

What is your reason for joining us?

Have you played with any Member/Admin in our servers before?

We (Mad Hatter,Caveman656,Exdivilation & Ratpick) will discuss your application we may also consult members aswell. Thank you for applying to join us and good luck with your application.

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